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Guys, this short post is different for us but we wanted to share a fun story. Earlier this week, we heard that Yuengling Ice Cream had released a Butterbeer flavored ice cream! As Harry Potter afficianados, we knew we had to try it, so we headed to our local grocery store and were lucky to find a pint of it in the freezer section! Fast-forward to the next morning, we instagrammed and tweeted about the tasty treat (it tastes like butterscotch!) and somehow, the tweet especially started to catch on.

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Our first brush with “fame” came when a Seattle radio station asked if they could use our instagram post for a story they were doing on the ice cream. You’ll have to take our word for it because the story online that featured our IG post later swapped it out for an official photo from Yuengling. Boo!

But as the “likes” and “retweets” on Twitter continued, we were happily surprised today when a friend sent us this link to an article on!

They used our tweet in a story about the ice cream!!

So far we haven’t seen the thousands of new followers roll in as expected, but we’re still optimistic 🙂

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